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Pan Fried Duck Breast
Submitted By:  Larry Murphy
Company: Murphy Outdoors
Web site: www.MurphyOutdoors.com


Two duck breasts
One small shallot chopped
Chicken stock
Olive oil
This recipe is basically done in two steps.  The first is to create a sauce and the second is the actually cook the duck breast meat.  The sauce recipe might look a bit involved but really it's pretty simple and straightforward.  I basically made this up off the top of my head and have done it a couple of times and I think it comes out really well.
1.        Remove duck breast from breast bone and put aside.
2.        Use a mallet to bash up the breast bones and set aside.
3.        In a stainless steel pan (non-stick should work too) place some olive oil and saute over medium heat about a tablespoon of shallots (amount for two duck breasts) for about 3 minutes.
4.        Add in mashed up duck breast bones and brown as much of the remaining meat on the bone as possible.
5.        After the meat is browned and/or when the olive oil is absorbed, deglaze with a little bit if brandy or red wine (about two tablespoons) for just long enough to scrap the pan and reduce the alchohol. ( I am assuming you will be getting your alchohol from other sources!)
6.        Then start adding enough chicken stock to keep shallots from burning. Cover and simmer for a few minutes.
7.        Remove lid and add more chicken stock. Cover and simmer.  Repeat this until you get about 1.5 cups of stock.
8.        Once you have enough stock, remove the bones.  You can strain the stock if your wan't but not necessary.
9.        Pour the stock in a seperate small sauce on low heat gradually whisk in some flour to thicken the sauce then bring to boil.  Repeat as necessary to get the proper consistency.
The Duck.
1.        Salt and pepper both sides of the duck breasts.
2.        Use the pan you used to make the stock and add in a bit of olive oil and butter (optional) and bring to medium/high heat.
3.        Place the breasts in the pan and cook for approximately 7 or 8 minutes per side or until they get to medium - slightly red inside.
4.        Once they are done, simply slice them and pour some sauce over them and you are done.


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