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Submitted By:  Jeremy Combs
Company: Jim Houston, Inc.
Web site: www.JimmyHouston.com

1 stardard package of deer steaks/loins  thawed

1 bottle of Teriyaki

1 lbs of rice

Garlic salt

black pepper

12 Cherry tommatos



Step 1: use about 1/3 of the rice and start it in a pot the way you normally would

After having thawed out the deer cut into fajita-like strips using sissors. Put them in a frying pan and season with garlic salt and pepper.

Step 2: while rice and deer are cooking take your cherry tomoatos and slice them vertically into quarters. Put them into pan with deer.  Add half bottle of teriyaki to pan.

step 3: allow rice to cook to your preference, let deer and tomatos cook until tomatos are no longer solid, will look similar to a roast.

The deer and tomatoes will only take about 20 min, so start your rice ahead of time.


Step 4: Mix rice with deer and "maters" and enjoy.


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