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Fishing tournament results
Missouri Angler Wednesday Night Tournament
Date: 6/1/2016 - 6/1/2016
Location: Lake of the Ozarks
Type: Open
Format: Buddy/Team
Reported by: Dan Swan
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Tournament Conditions
Water Level 658.5
Water Temperature 73 degrees
Water Color Clear
Air Temperature 70's
Skies Clear
Wind SE 5

The bite's on, which is obvious by the number of teams fishing the Missouri Angler Wednesday Night Tournament.  There were forty-five (45) teams taking out of PB#2 at the 6:00 pm take-off with confidence they would weigh in some large limits at 10:00 pm.

Since the corps has been releasing water from Truman Lake the bass have been on a feeding frenzy, especially bass in the four to five pound range.  A majority of the bass are still shallow, but some of the anglers reported catching some good keepers fifteen to twenty feet.

There were nine bass four pounds or better and two weighing five pounds.  Big bass of the tournament weighed in at 5.42 pounds caught by the team of Codi Shadrick and Colby Stonitsch.  

1st Place -- Gary Shultz & Scott Melton (not pic) -- 17.25 LBS.


2nd Place and Big Bass - Codi Shadrick & Colby Stonitsch - 14.63 lbs.


 3rd Place - Dan Swan & Harry Litsey- 14.11 lbs.

4th Place - Dave Wolf & Donnie Snelling (not pic) - 13.19 lbs

5th Place - Scott Stonitsch & Robby Cox - 13.14 lbs


6th Place - Roberts & Acuff -- 13.11 lbs

A correction needs to be made concerning the date of the Bass Cat Quest Incentive program.  The first tournament is next Wedensday, June 8th.  All Bass Cat boat owners need to fish, you never know you might be able to pick up $250.00 if you come in first.  Marty's Marine of Osage Beach and Bass Cat Boat's are sponsors of this great program.    

Free entry for next week's issouri Angler Wednesday Night Tournament was drawn by the team of Leon Dannatt and Tommy Jones.


 Charlie Knight with two lunkers

 Garrett Reed with a couple of nice largemouths


Hudson Henzlik with a 4 pounder

Our little fish'n lady Ilsa Grave


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