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Fishing tournament results
Missouri Angler Wednesday Night Tournament
Date: 4/27/2016 - 4/27/2016
Location: Lake of the Ozarks
Type: Open
Format: Buddy/Team
Reported by: Dan Swan
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Tournament Conditions
Water Level 657.2
Water Temperature 64 - 67
Water Color Clear
Other Conditions Medeium generation
Air Temperature 70's
Skies Clear
Wind SW 10
Another good night for fishing other than the cold front that hit the lake.  There were 
twenty-nine (29) teams that brought sixteen (16) four fish limits, but the big fish were scarce compared to the week before.  Most of the anglers said they caught quite a few shorts to get their keepers.  

There are some bass on beds or at least some beds can be seen in the clearer water, however most of the bass being brought to the scales appear to be males,  There have been some females weighed with bloody tails, but not many.

Last week's winners, Scott Stonitsch and Robby Cox did again.  They brought four bass to the scales weighing 18.58 pounds.  Not bad for a 3 1/2 hour tournament.  

Big bass of the tournament weighed 5.58 pounds caught by the father and son team of Bill and Josh Swineberg.

1st Place -- Robby Cox & Scott Stonitsch -- 18.58 lbs   4 Fish

2nd Place & Big Bass 5.58 -- Josh Swineberg & Bill Swineberg -- 15.59 lbs

3rd Place -  Scott & Scott Sr Danek -- 14.50 lbs.

4th Place -- James Lewis & Tony Houston --  14.05 Lbs

T J Farris with a 4.87 Largemouth

Herbie Bayes with a 4.32 pounder

Bill Badley & Stan Snelson with another 4 pounder

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